Apprenticeship and Application Information

The MoKan Ironworkers Apprenticeship program is the training program for Ironworkers Local 10. The program should take approximately four years to complete and consists of 6750 on-the-job training hours, as well as 824 classroom and shop hours. The training focuses on all aspects of commercial steel construction including welding, structural steel erection, reinforcing steel installation, architectural and ornamental construction, precast concrete erection and pre-engineered metal buildngs. There is no cost for the training, however the apprentice will not be paid during school weeks. After an applicant has been accepted into the Apprenticeship, they will attend a week of school every two months (four weeks per year) and work in the field the remainder of the time. Classes are held Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 5:00pm. Once all class requirements have been met and all on-the-job hours attained, Journeyman status will be awarded.

The MoKan Ironworkers are now accepting applications. Click on the links below to download the Application and Instructions. If you have any questions AFTER YOU HAVE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS, please call the Apprenticeship Office at (816) 595-4110.

Application and Instructions

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